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The Hamar Gabriella Ltd. has been working in an undertaking form since 1991, seated in Szeged and selling, processing powdered paprika. 
We have been in connection reliable, skilled, experted growers in several years. They provide us with excellent raw paprika. 
We also have a great connection with a drying factory nearby. Thanks to its outstanding technology and qualification of ISO 9001 provide us with 
first class, high leveled basic material for further process. 
Experience of cultivation and the great nature of the region is the garantee of the quality of our cultivated and processed powdered paprika. 

Red Pepper (Capsicum annuum L. var. Longum DC) powder 
riped on the plant's shank, stem and it's dried crop is used to season food. 

Processing of procedures: 

MÉ--2--8720 adherence of procedures of the Hungarian Provision Book. 
The Hungarian paprika is among the best in the world consider its flavor and aroma. The dried and prepared half-product is first grinded, then powdered down by 
grindstones. This traditional process guarantees it’s excellent red color and unique aroma. 

The constant quality and hygiene are assured by the modern technology and closed system. Paprika's packing is a process fully automated, steril from human contact. 
After bolting it to the right size we homogenize in blend tank. 
Consider our trade system er deliver every second week by our truck. Smaller pack can be ordered and possible to ship on cash on delivery. 

Our products are packed in bags (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 kg) and in foil pouch (50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 g). We deliver in 5kg per pack the smaller (g) amounts and in 10kg per pack the 1000g. 

Food Safety System 
- we use - ensure and protect our consumers' health. We develop that system in favour of to increase the products' quality and safety of consumers. 

We are to 
-fulfill the requriment of food safety 
-ensure our products' quality 
-supply the market as it demands 
-insure the correct service to our clients, partners